It’s the holidays!

You’ve gotta love the university calendar.  Goodbye assignments, hello three weeks off!

Goings Ons:

Visit Wellington
Host visitors (numerous)
Immerse self in pointless NBA offseason transaction speculation
Make pancakes (numerous)


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The Suburbs: Morningside

Morningside, Auckland.  May 2009.

Train tracks from St Lukes Rd | Morningside | AUCKLAND

Youth outside Westfield Shopping Mall | Morningside | AUCKLAND

Mt Albert by-election campaign signs on St Lukes Rd | Morningside | AUCKLAND

Church on St Lukes Rd | Morningside | AUCKLAND


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My sister’s getting married in a few months!  And I’ve been given the ceremonial responsibility of music.  She wants to walk down the aisle to Palchelbel’s “Canon in D”.  Think she’ll notice if I use the Coolio version?

(Is it just me, or has that song held up well?  It was “Where Is The Love?” six years prior and the music video had bullet time pre-The MatrixToo bad  it’s not reflected in back catalogue demand.)

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To Do:

  1. Delete crappy songs in iTunes library
  2. Find album artwork not in iTunes library
  3. Sync iPod with iTunes library
  4. Delete crappy photos from iPhoto library
  5. Post blog (weak)
  6. Post blog (insightful)
  7. Quit teachers’ college
  8. Sign 10-day NBA contract
  9. Hit game-winning shot in NBA Finals


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Pickin’ Insects Off Plants

As BF to a GF that nannies for her elder sister, I get to hang out with twin babies at my own leisure.

Initially, I stubbornly refused to only converse with these babies as I would any adult;  addressing them directly, using the full extent of my vocabulary, and with respect to their intelligence, reasoning in good faith when they reacted unenthusiastically to parental-regulated undertakings like naps.  See, I like to presume that babies contain discerning intellect, but are yet to gain control of the physical and cognitive tools that let them communicate it, as hypothesised in the plot of the fourth highest grossing film of 1989, Look Who’s Talking. The last thing I want to do is patronise fellow human beings, or embarrass myself by arrogantly thinking that I have cerebral superiority.

So rather than raspberries and agooga-wooga ohyousocute Icouldjusteatyouup foolish talk, I try to structure playfulness with analgous references to sports, politics, popular music and movies (usually of the late 1980s-to-mid 1990s).  Yet although the babies do seem to reserve their most idyllic behaviour for my presence, they do not react to intellectualised pop-culture humour with the twinkle and giggle that Bruce Willis’s Mikey reserved for John Travolta.  When I enthusiastically tell Lilly (twin baby #1) that her developing side roll is reminiscent of the Stockton-to-Malone pick-and-roll, she studies my dialogue with an intimidated gaze, bashfully holding her fingertips together.  And when I explain to Ewan (twin baby #2) that he tugs at the overhanging playmat toys with the testosterone-fueled adrenaline of Will Smith’s “welcome to earth” alien punch in Independence Day, he merely maneuvers my fingers into his mouth without making eye contact.

And although it’s possible that the babies may not respect the Malone/Stockton-era Utah Jazz basketball teams for failing to win a title, or appreciate Will Smith’s Hollywood-centric entertainment career sans-Fresh Prince, it’s more likely that my musings go mostly unnoticed.

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Ill Communication

After all that juicing-for-health talk I’ve managed to fall ill.  And not the Beastie Boys type of ill–I’m Val-Kilmer-as-Doc-Holiday Tombstone ill.  The upside is that I’m staying at home and finally dealing to a certain neglected weblog.  The downside is that I’m expelling enough snot to bottle and sell as biofuel.

I blame Western Springs College for both the sickness and the internet distraction; that’s the scene of my current student teacher practicum.  I’m currently on a two week observation period at WPC–a deilce eight non-uniform high school–before returning late April for five weeks of teaching.  Six days in, observation has confirmed several suspicions of mine: (a) teenagers do not posses the cognitive ability to reason; (b) teachers work taxing hours for little gratitude, and; (c) my haircut and dress sense is precariously similar to that of the skateboard-bearing high school student.

I also had my first dose of Auckland public transportation reality–without a personal vehicle, a ten minute car commute to school becomes a one hour odyysey of busses and suburban tramping.

In the social sphere, the last few weeks have been busy: local friends have left for afar and outside friends have visited for spectacle.  In the spare time GF and I try to make the most of the late summer in the big city–exploring the various suburbs, as well as art gallerys, parks, harbours and beaches.

Moving to an unkown city carries with it the fresh sensation of exploring unchartered cultural and natural geography both in and around the conurbation.  This is the distraction that makes it somewhat tolerable to spend seven hours at a workplace, learning a profession for zero rumuneration.

The Pretty Girl | Albert Park | AUCKLAND

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I’ve gone a little juicing mad over the last few weeks.

I probably don’t need to tell you that juicing your own combination of fruit and vegetables is really, really good for you, but I should add that it tastes fantastic and provides one with the sort of energy and vigor much promised by processed drinks and nostrums, yet never delivered.

GF and I were lucky enough to be gifted a spare juicer by her sister and I now regard it with the sort of veneration that Uncle Jesse regarded Elvis with in Full House.

Have mercy.

Juice Ingredients | AUCKLAND


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